The Voice of Tomball Memorial

Teddi Cliett

Reverend Mother opens the golden door for sophomore Ali Coburn. “It brought out what I had to offer, it brought out what I want to do for the rest of my life,” Coburn said concerning her very first theater production in third grade, The Sound of Music.

Coburn is known around school as the girl with the voice, the girl who not just sang the national anthem, but performed it. “This girl belongs on Broadway,” sophomore Anna Marcellino says before Coburn performs at the school’s first pep rally.

Taking the stage is far from unfamiliar to Coburn. She has been singing in her school’s choir since sixth grade and acting for about eight years. Privately, she is vocally coached by Michael Vaughn, who has been her instructor for four years.

Coburn has both long term and short term goals concerning her many talents. This year she would like to make it to all-state choir, an organization that promotes excellence in music education.

In her future, Coburn would like to attend college, preferably musically oriented, to receive her bachelors in musical education and masters in vocal performance.  In her dream world, Coburn would either perform solo or on Broadway for the rest of her life, but her back up plan is to become a choir teacher.

Aside from being involved in the school’s choir, and participating in Memorial’s drama and theater productions, Coburn is involved outside of school as well. She is apart of Playhouse 1960, has recently joined Applause, and performs for her church on Wednesdays and Sundays.

“It’s something that sets me apart; I absolutely love what I do. It brings me joy when people tell me that seeing my performance or hearing me sing made them happy. That’s what I want to use my voice for. I want to make other people happy,” said Coburn.