First Choir Concert has Audience Singing Along

Maddie Cohen

Yesterday evening, after everyone had gone home from a long day of school and work, the Tomball Memorial Choir and Willow Wood Junior High Choir prepared for their Fall Concert. When the clock struck seven, parents, fellow students, and teachers poured into Memorial’s brand new auditorium.

The choirs filled into the front rows of the auditorium’s seating. The concert began with announcements made by Director Sherry Miller. She thanked the assistant principals from each school and others trying to buy some time for a few volleyball girls that had not made it back from their game yet, in hopes that the girls would be able to make it on time to sing. They did.

As Miller backed away from the microphone, and the applause slowly died, Willow Wood’s Tenor Bass Choir made their way onto stage and sang three selections. They were followed by their Chamber Choir, Varsity Treble Choir, and the Mixed Choir.

Tomball Memorial’s Men’s Choir was the first to represent the high school. After two songs, the high school girls walked on stage and sang along with them as the Mixed Choir. Two more songs later, the Treble Choir sang three more selections.

For the grand finale, Memorial’s Combined Choirs lined the front of the stage and down the side isles of the auditorium to create a surround sound effect. They sang the African song “Bonse Aba” with the help of three guest percussionists- Sara Hopkins, Ali Madere, and Vanessa Craige.

“We all had a great time on stage,” said freshman choir participant Abby Cohen. “Mrs. Miller is the greatest conductor any high school could ask for,” she said with a smile on her face.

“I was a bit nervous at first, but I think everyone did a great job,” sophomore Jaclyn Magill said.