Flash Mob Takes Wildcats by Surprise

Maddie Cohen

It was a normal Thursday lunch for students at TMHS today, when all of a sudden music blared through the speakers and people all over the lunchroom immediately hopped up from their tables and began to dance.

The entire dance department was a part of a hip hop style flash mob. Dance teacher Mrs. Samandra Nail was responsible for the planning and preparation of the dance. She, along with her Dance II students choreographed the entire piece. The department worked on learning and perfecting the dance for over a month. Dance I, the Silver Stars, and Dance two attended an after school practice to make sure the flash mob would run smoothly in the cafeteria setting.

On the day of the flash mob, students participating ate quickly, awaiting their cue to hop up and being dancing. Freshman Nick Merrill was the first to begin the dance routine. About halfway through the piece, the dancers grabbed the Silver Stars and made their way to the front of the cafeteria and danced together in a big formation.

“I was really nervous about how the student body would react, but while we were dancing the cafeteria went totally silent so I could tell people thought it was a big deal,” sophomore Teddi Cliett said.

“Let’s do it again!” Said sophomore Anna Marcellino as she made her way back to her lunch seat after immediately after the flash mob ended.

In the hallways, right after the bell for lunch rang; conversation of the flash mob was heard all over. The news spread quickly.

There were two more performances after the originally A lunch dance, in lunches B and C.  Dancers from A lunch also participated in more than one performance. Some participated in all three lunches.

“I was surprised in how many students were participating! There were tons of them,” said the director of student publications Mrs. Jill Chumley.