Patriotic Show Debuts Friday Night

Devin White

The Tomball ISD Patriotic Show has been a tradition for many years, usually around the end of Tomball High School’s Cougar football season. Usually the field is full of red, white and black during the halftime show. But this year with a new high school it will red, white, and blue.

The Patriotic Show will be held on Friday November 4, 2011 at the district stadium as the Cougars face the Klein Forest Eagles. With the Cougars record of 2-7, they hope to score a big win against the 4-5 Eagles to end out their 2011 season.

For some it is more than the game, it’s the half time show they come to see at this special game. This year, the Cougar Pride Band will share the field with the Roarin’ Blue Band during halftime to honor veterans in the Tomball Area. The Tomball Memorial Choir will also join together with the Tomball High School Choir to sing as the bands play.

Other organizations that will participate in this event from both schools include the cheerleaders, student council, drill team, ROTC members, and color guard.

Willow Wood Junior High and Tomball Junior High will also participate in the “United States Of America” portion of the show. Band members make an outline of the United States, while the choir sings and organizations hold up the giant American flag.

The Patriotic Show kicks off this Friday at 7:00 p.m. at the Tomball ISD Stadium. Come out and show your support for your fellow Wildcats.