“Best Actor” Succeeds Once Again

Kat Atchisson

After hours of rehearsal and hard work, it all comes down to this second as he waits for the results. Through listening to dialect CDs in his car and struggling to physically become his character, he hopes it’s good enough as he waits to hear the names of the schools that have advanced.

Before the cast and crew knew they had advanced once more, senior Kevin Nguyen was awarded “Best Actor” for the second time.

“I was happier because that means we have more of a chance of advancing,” Nguyen said. “I care more about our play advancing more than me getting an individual award.”

But the first time winning “Best Actor”, Nguyen had more reasons to celebrate. That same night, he had been admitted to DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.

“Getting that and winning best actor the second time made me feel like I actually have a chance in this,” Nguyen said. “Maybe these dreams that I have aren’t as impossible as they seem.”

Caring more about his team than himself, he stresses that advancing with his team was better than winning an individual award.

“There are always those actors that go out there looking for themselves,” Nguyen said. “But at the end of the day, the show matters more than the cast.”

The act, “Lebensraum”, requires more character development for him than what most actors are used to.

“I had to learn Yiddish and a Boston accent because I play two different characters,” Nguyen said. “I would listen to the dialect CDs in my car and pick it up as I drove.”

His third and last year competing, Nguyen compares all of the previous competitions and their difficulties.

“The obstacles in every show are always the same,” Nguyen said. “You just have to learn how to live as the person rather than act.”

Not only is this play one of theatre director Bryce Ballew’s favorites, but Kevin was casted as the part that Ballew played when he was younger.

“I was kind of intimidated because I have the pressure to do it as well as him,” Nguyen said. “I hope I’m doing it justice.”

Altogether, the play would not be as successful without the cast and crew working hard to strive for State.

“I’m blessed to have really amazing cast members and directors,” Nguyen said. “I love working with them.”

Leaving the school to attend DePaul in a matter of months, Nguyen will always have his favorite cast and directors in his memory.

“I haven’t had sleep for the past three days thinking about leaving them,” Nguyen said. “I’m scared, but I know it’s going to be worth it.”