Cupcakes Attract Artists

Robert Carlile, Co Editor-in-Chief

September 3, art club held their annual cupcake decorating contest to attract new members to the group and inform current members of the year ahead. All members joined together to make new friends and show off their creative culinary abilities.

“This event is usually our biggest event for the year,” Senior Art Club Secretary Mary Campanas said. “We get a ton of kids to come out and enjoy getting to know each other.”

The club rallied several students to join them in their first meeting of the year, both returning and new members, all with artisan talents.

“I counted 50 to 60 people with the sign in sheets,” Senior Treasurer Joel Rosales said.

The club is hosting several events this year, touching on every part of being an artist.

“I’m really excited for the henna. It’s the first time we’ll be doing it because Mrs. Houston approved it for us this year,” Campanas said.

Art club gives students an opportunity to get in touch with their artistic roots. With a busy year ahead, with hopes to inspire more students to join them.

“I’ve always had an artistic ability starting back in the 6th and 7th grade. I took the classes then but haven’t pursued it since. Hopefully this year will give me a chance to get back in touch with my artistic abilities,” Senior Marco Mariveles said.