Choir Moves on to Region


Khushi Ramlogun , Staff Writer

This weekend, 11 choir students are moving onto region choir auditions which are being held at Klein ISD. The students moving on include freshmen Sarah Plaxco, Hannah Poe, sophomores Rebekah Buck, Megan Benzel, Meredith England, Tyler Hughes, Tamara Lutta, Preston Nicholas, Aron Olivares, junior Grant Wheeler, and senior Robert Allala.

“The students’ ultimate goal is to qualify for the all-state choir,” Choir Director Sherry Miller said.

Miller has been hard at work with the students since the beginning of the school year. She’s held after school “bootcamps” every Tuesday and Thursday, working with the students one on one to make sure they perform the songs to the best of their ability.

“I’ve seen tremendous growth in the students who have attended boot camp since the beginning of the year,” Miller said. “Those who continued to work and dedicate their time moved on.”

Students have also committed time outside of school to work on the audition pieces.

“I learned so much this past summer,” England said. “I attended an all state summer camp at Sam Houston State University, where I learned lots of helpful techniques and audition tips.”

Along with summer camps, there were also workshops; Tomball ISD held one at the beginning of the school year.

“The practice has really paid off. All the hard work is difficult, but worth it,” Olivares said. “Last year I moved past district but fell short at region. I’ve learned from my mistakes and have pushed myself to go further.”

The choir program is also working on music for upcoming performances, such as ones at Sam Houston State, the Patriotic Show, and the annual Winter concert. Musical auditions, open to all students, are underway as well.