Band members prepare to reveal new uniforms


Band members display their uniforms at a varsity football game

Ore James, Staff Writer

After several complications and much anticipation, the Roarin’ Blue Band will debut their new and improved uniforms at the Patriotic Show.

“They’re much better than last year’s trash bags,” sophomore Hunter Jacks said.

The uniforms include several updates to provide a sleeker finish. The pants, for example, are designed to be form-fitting, providing a slimmer look to each individual. Among many other changes are an exposed jacket shoulder to reveal the shirt underneath, a sparkly jacket “window,” the introduction of a hip cape, and wraps to cover the shako (hat) to create different styles.

“It’s a very different look than last year,” band director Dusty Brown said. “It’s more modern.  We’ve been told there’s no band in Houston who has anything like this.”

Obtaining new uniforms is a two-year process, with directors working to design and order pieces over a long period of time.

“It started off with percussion instructors Chris King and Wes Hegglund seeing what they liked from what the drum corps were wearing two years ago, and band director Andy Easton did the same thing,” Brown said.  “We just started putting ideas together.”

We’ve been told there’s no band in Houston who has anything like this.”

— Dusty Brown

Receiving the uniforms was not a completely smooth process. Uniforms arrived a month later than expected, forcing the fitting process to move faster than usual. In addition to sizing during band class and rehearsals, an extra fitting day was scheduled on a Saturday.

“For me, the arms were really loose but then it would fit fine in the waist,” sophomore Lauren King said. “Once I got the right one on, though, it felt really good and looked a lot better than last year’s.”

Fittings took anywhere between 10 and 45 minutes per person, as some people ran into sizing difficulties. The uniforms are designed to feel snug, and occasionally, finding the right fit became a challenge.

“My fitting took 45 minutes because they ran out of small sizes in the girls’ section, so I had to go to the guys’ section,” sophomore Emily Fernando said. “They’re planning on safety-pinning the back.”

Among band members, the uniforms are unanimously viewed as an improvement in comfort and style.

“Last year was just a black long sleeve shirt over the pants, and this year there’s one long and one short jacket sleeve, and the shirt underneath is going to be blue,” King said. “We’ll look more serious and organized.”

Even after fittings were complete, several uniform pieces arrived just days before the first football game. Despite this, student uniform officers and band directors have continued working to ensure the uniforms are ready for Friday’s game.

“They’re going to look great, I think the crowd will love them,” Brown said. “They’ll know when we’ve entered the stadium Friday night.”