Talent Show set to open auditions


Laurie Carrillo

Three students sing at the choir sing-a-thon.

Madaline Cannon, Copy Editor

Talent show auditions will be held April 6 after school and the show will be April 16.

“We try to find the most prepared acts with varied and creative use of talents,” theatre director Robert Ballew said.

To audition, one must prepare an act and be able to present it in four minutes, fill out the required paperwork and fit the stipulations.

“If the person dances they will use the stage, if they sing we’ll find a room with a piano,” Ballew said. “The act should showcase the student as best as possible.”

To stay unbiased, Ballew will not judge the talent show audition.

“I get three independent judges for the audition,” Ballew said. “They must live 30 minutes away and they come from all different professions in the entertainment industry. They could be anything from a teacher at a different school to a member of the Chamber of Commerce for their community, as long as they know what they are talking about.”

Ballew encourages students to audition, so the talent show is successful this year.

“It’s a two hour show so 24 acts, about 12 in each act, four minutes a piece,” Ballew said. “We normally have enough kids to audition to fill it, but there’s been years where half the people didn’t make and years where we almost didn’t have a show depending on if the student body comes out. I hope we have a great student turn out.”