Choir goes retro for upcoming pop show


John Tran

Choir members sing at a visit to an intermediate school.

Abigail Cannon, Staff Writer

The lights slowly dim as the curtain opens, spotlights flooding down onto the stage and silhouettes of singers emerging from the shadows. The track begins to play and the auditorium fills with the sound of bubblegum pop and rock n’ roll.

For this year’s annual Pop Show, the choir went with a retro theme. Pop Show will be held in the auditorium on Friday, Feb. 21 and Saturday, Feb. 22. Tickets will be $10.

“I was super excited because there are so many great songs that we could use that were made before the nineties, from the Beatles to Queen,” senior Amber Conway said. “It was just a great idea and we all loved the song selections.”

Pop Show themes are typically chosen in a voting system.

“We decided the theme in an officer meeting the week before school started,” choir president Larissa Carrillo said. “The previous year we decided we wanted to do older music, so we at first thought fifties jukebox but we wanted more choices so we widened it to retro music and decided that constituted any song before ‘95.”

The song selections this year include artists like The Beatles, Queen, Earth, Wind, and Fire, ABBA and Belinda Carlisle.

“I let them guide the direction of pop show,” choir director Jed Ragsdale said. “Everyone lists a theme, and then we’ll write it on the board and start narrowing it down until we vote for one.”

In each class, choir members are selected to come up with choreography and Mr. Ragsdale allows students from chorale to choreograph the opener, entitled Boogie Wonderland, and chorale’s song. Not only is Pop Show a way for choir to come together and sing songs they like, it also allows students to individually showcase their talents.

“Singing a solo for Pop Show is really fun,” Carrillo said. “We all get to sing songs we like and have fun on stage.”

Choir wants to fit in as many numbers as they can for the show. They also want a mixture between slow and upbeat songs.

“Normally only seniors are allowed to do slow songs because we don’t want the majority of the songs to be slow,” Carrillo said. “It’s a good mix between fun, upbeat songs and slow songs.”

Auditions for pop show start months in advance, and the president, vice president and secretary of choir hold auditions along with Ragsdale.

“I’m really excited for this year because we have a really good lineup of songs we’re performing,” Carrillo said. “This is also our second time doing two nights, so it’s fun being able to perform for more people.”