Color guard spins into competition season


Abigail Cannon

Color guard competed at Klein Collins High School on Saturday, January 25.

Abigail Cannon, Staff Writer

Eat, sleep, spin, toss, repeat. At the start of their competition season, both junior varsity and varsity color guard teams received first place at Klein Collins High School.
“It felt amazing, thrilling, and breathtaking,” sophomore and junior varsity member Kaleb Ortega said. “The moment they called us we were so shocked we almost forgot to salute.”
This year, junior varsity’s show is entitled “A Day in Paris.” During the show, the color guard takes the audience through all of the romance, arts and experiences of Paris.
“In the beginning, you can see the beauty of love, and as the show goes on we see the Eiffel tower with exciting moments along the way,” Ortega said. “Towards the end, you can see famous art pieces come together until the big picture finish at the end.”
Varsity takes on a more mature and personal theme with their show entitled “Free,” about a bluebird becoming free.
“The bird represents an individual that is withheld from their happiness because they are caged by negative emotions and things holding them back,” senior and captain Louise Zanoria said.
In previous years, varsity shows were more entertainment-based rather than having a message. This year’s show, however, has a deeper meaning and the team feels they’re able to connect to the audience on a deeper level.
“It sends a message which is what we want to do because in previous years we’ve never really sent a message to the crowd,” Zanoria said. “We’re trying to explain to the crowd that you can be free too.”
In order to prepare for competitions, both teams practice two days a week, with junior varsity practicing two hours and varsity for three hours. During these rigorous rehearsals, the team works on running parts they struggle with over and over.
“Consistency is key,” Zanoria said. “The more comfortable we are with our show, the more confidence we’ll have and the show is more impactful and solid.”
Color guard has focused heavily on pushing themselves to go farther every year. For them, this is the strongest team they have had in years. Varsity hopes that this year they make it to state. In 2018, the team was successful in doing so; last season, however, they were unable to.
“We want to perform in front of Reed Arena, in front of a bigger audience,” Zanoria said. “It’s a really good experience and a way to show off how hard we’ve worked.”
For junior varsity, they hope to take home more wins.
“Taking first doesn’t mean we will get to slack off,” Ortega said. “We have come a long way and improved so much. I really love that we can come together as a team and perform this amazing show.”