Silver Stars compete at Clear Lake high school


Leslie Mosely, courtesy of Reagan Mosely

The Silver Stars strike a pose at the Clear Lake High School competiton

Madaline Cannon, Copy Editor

Last Monday, the Silver Stars hosted a prayer meeting to mourn the loss of a dance dad at Dickinson High School who passed away during the Clear Lake High School contest.
“We got fuzzy socks, lotion, gift cards, small things that may not seem like a lot but means a lot. We’re also writing letters to the team and the girl who lost her father,” senior Silver Star Emma LaCour said. “We’re trying our best to be there for them because they are also a drill team just like us and we don’t know what would happen if one of us went through something like that.”
Despite this unfortunate event, the Silver Stars managed to place well at the contest. Captain Caroline Valdes, First Lieutenant Mary Ellen Pratt, senior Emma Lacour, and Junior Dance Officer Megan Ramos made it to semifinals with their solos.
“I was in shock because Crowd Pleasers contests are most competitive,” Ramos said. “I never thought I would place at one so when I did it was so exciting.”
The officers placed second runner up in contemporary and jazz and their officer lyrical placed first runner up.
“I was so nervous because Emmy and I woke up with the flu,” Ramos said. “Performance wise it was our best run of each dance.”
The Silver Stars also won team novelty and lyrical, and received first runner up for team pom.
“We got our nerves out with team pom because it was our first dance of the day,” LaCour said. “After that we were ready to fight and had our game faces on.”
Next Friday the Silver Stars will be competing at LA Nationals in Los Angeles California, which will close their competition season.
“We’re at a point where we’re nit picking every little thing to make sure we all look the same and that our technique is on point,” drill team director Samandra Nail said. “If we continue on the track we’re on and if they can continue to stay focused and keep pushing themselves everyday they should do really well at nationals.”