A community tradition during unprecedented times


Jill Chumley

Silver Stars perform at the Lobos game in the beginning of the football season. They will perform with Tomball High School’s drill team, the Charms, at Friday’s Patriotic Show.

Anna Benoit, Staff Writer

While COVID-19 has changed many things for wildcats this year, one event that students can still enjoy is the Patriotic Show.

“I’m really just looking forward to playing in the game,” senior football player Reed Baumann said. “It’s an awesome thing that we get to do every year. The Patriotic Show is always super special and cool for the fans and it just creates an unbelievable environment.”

Every year, students from Tomball Memorial and Tomball High School fine arts programs join together to perform the annual halftime show. The drill teams combine dancing across the field with sparkly, flowy skirts as the band plays ‘Deep In The Heart of Texas’. As the drill teams walk off, the band and the choir perform a patriotic medley to commemorate veterans for their service. The medley consists of ‘This Is My Country,’ ‘Salute to America’s Finest’ and ‘God Bless America,’ ending with a fireworks display into the night sky.

“I always like it when the band plays their music and the choir too when they sing along,” senior silver star Anais Colin said. “It’s always nice to be performing on the field together.”

Typically, Tomball residents would come together to see the game at the TISD stadium. However, to maintain social distancing, the game was moved to Kyle Field.

“The game was moved so that all of the Tomball community could attend the game,” football coach Scott Weismann said. “Right now the stadium in Tomball is only at about 50% capacity, so for this game that usually brings in a few thousand, the teams needed a bigger venue. This will allow everyone to social distance comfortably and for the community to come together.”

This announcement has made students anticipate the game even more after expecting not to have a football season at all.

“Playing at Kyle Field is such an amazing opportunity to us.” Baumann said. “Our class of 2021 has never lost a football game to Tomball. We plan to continue this ritual on Kyle Field.”