Gallery: Patriotic Show

Ore James, Online Editor-in-Chief

Varsity football faced off against the Tomball Cougars at Kyle Field for Friday’s Patriotic Show, an annual tradition marked by joint fine arts performances at halftime.

A student council member smiles before the game. (Jill Chumley)
Audience members wait in the stands for kickoff. (Jill Chumley)
Senior Christian Saldana dances along to the band’s stand tune. (Laurie Carrillo)
Senior clarinet player Harrison Kelm dances along to “Uprising.” (Laurie Carrillo)
Players from both teams engage on the field (Laurie Carrillo)
Junior Richard Rodriguez grabs the ball. (Laurie Carrillo)
Players listen to their coach before heading back on the field. (Laurie Carrillo)
An athletic trainer carries a tray to the players. (Laurie Carrillo)
A young audience member waves her flags in the stands. (Laurie Carrillo)
Senior Jake Ferrell talks to a teammate while stopping for a break. (Laurie Carrillo)
At the start of halftime, senior Megan Ramos walks onto the field alongisde members of the Tomball Charms. (Laurie Carrillo)
Drill team members continue their performance. (Laurie Carrillo)
Members of choir sing along to “This is My Country” in the middle of halftime (Laurie Carrillo)
Standing focused, senior Daniel Ramirez and junior Joe McNeese conduct the band alongside Tomball High’s drum majors to close halftime. (Laurie Carrillo)
During the third quarter, players rush to score. (Laurie Carrillo)
Band director Andy Easton laughs alongside senior drum major Daniel Ramirez. (Laurie Carrillo)
Cheerleaders stand in formation during the fourth quarter. (Laurie Carrillo)
Senior Joseph Manjack runs with the ball. (Laurie Carrillo)
After seeing the scoreboard, cheerleaders celebrate the team’s win. (Laurie Carrillo)
Choir members link arms for the school song to close the game. (Laurie Carrillo)