Theatre to premiere “Greater Tuna”


Laurie Carrillo

Stage Manager Adelina Blue working earnestly at rehearsal

Christopher Kibler, Staff Writer

The theatre department has production underway on their new play “Greater Tuna,” set to premiere Nov. 12 with additional shows on Nov. 13, 14 and 16. Tickets are currently on sale at Social distancing will be enforced.

“It’s a comedy show that takes place in a small town in Texas called Tuna,” stage manager and senior Adelina Blue said. “Since it’s such a small town, it seems as though it’s frozen in time.”

The play is centered around the characters of the Bumiller family. The characters seem to be stuck in their own world and are more worried about weather reports than events outside of Tuna.

“I play the role of Pearl Burris. She’s a part of the Bumillers and is a very odd lady,” senior actress Esther Park said.

The strangeness of many characters serves as a learning experience.

“This character makes me come out of my comfort zone due to her being a very old and odd woman,” Park said. “She is very eccentric, and I need to move differently than what I’m used to.”

This isn’t the case only for Park; other cast members gained new experiences too.

“There are also a lot of new faces, watching all the sophomores and freshmen growing and being more comfortable in this environment is really exciting for me and reassures me that this department is in good hands whenever I leave,” said Park.

“Everyone on the cast and crew is working diligently to provide the best show possible,” Blue said.