Theatre prepares for one-act play “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”


Laurie Carrillo

Theatre is currently preparing to perform their UIL one-act play.

Veronika Boyrie, Staff Writer

The small town of Sleepy Hollow, with its close-knit community of locals, were unprepared for their lives to be drastically uprooted. An outsider found himself in the middle of their secluded town and the villagers were not happy.
Wildcat theatre’s one-act play “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” follows the story of teacher and schoolmaster Ichabod Crane who stumbles upon the town of Sleepy Hollow. Theatre will perform the play at UIL competitions, and later will premiere the first public performance on April 12.
“The one-act play is a UIL competition performance and everyone competing has the same set,” stage manager senior Liam Versteeg said. “The competition is very strict and only allows students to have forty minutes to perform, seven to set up and seven to take down.”
Due to these restrictions and time limits, the original script was cut down to forty minutes and the crew is incorporating technology into the set to fit into the time limit and avoid disqualification.
“Instead of us having an elaborate set everything will be done with projectors and I am hand-painting each scenery and uploading that to a computer,” theatre president senior Jacob Benaim said. “I will organize it so that everything shows up on stage correctly.”

Students have competed in the one-act play competition in previous years and advanced past the district level; last year, however, the competition was cancelled due to COVID. In spite of this, the cast is looking forward to performing the play.
“I was super excited when I made the cast list because it was my first time getting in a UIL play and I am looking forward to getting closer with the other cast members and performing with them,” junior actress Paige McMichael said.
“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” will not be able to be seen before April 12 because it is a competition play, and the restrictions for the audience due to COVID have not yet been announced. Tickets will be available sometime before the play’s premiere.
“At first I thought the play was kind of weird, but as we’ve come to work on it and get to know the story I have really come to appreciate and enjoy it,” senior lead actor Patrick Realyvasquez said. “Overall, the play is pretty mysterious and hilarious and there are definitely a few moments where we are trying to get you shaken in your seat.”