Roaring Blue Band Goes to State


Ariana Alarcon

The Roaring Blue band scored 3rd at area, earning them a place to compete at state.

Hallie Stewart, Editor

As the fear of Covid-19 seems to fade away, so do the restrictions being made on a local level to state-level school competitions. The Roaring Blue Band qualified for Area, scoring One’s across the board for their performance. Every year the band performs and qualifies for area; however, the band can only compete in the state competition every other year. This year, the Roarin Blue Band qualified to compete at the State Competition, coming in third place at Area.
Senior Matthew McNeese is the band’s drum major. He joined the band in the sixth grade and is excited to be attending the Texas State Band Competition. “Band is pretty competitive, and it is actually quite difficult to make it past Area. I remember my freshmen year. We, unfortunately, didn’t make it to Area. Since we are a 6A school, it has been much more challenging than before; however, I do think that our band has a chance to make this a recurring thing. It was a little difficult making it to Area, but we were ecstatic to find out that we qualified to compete in State, especially since we are competing against 6A schools,” Matthew said. “I do feel as though we need to fine-tune our music, and the visuals, such as our coordination, so we can have a near-perfect performance. Everyone’s determined to do their best so that we can achieve the best score possible. As a senior, every competition we have had has been special to me because this is my last year performing with my fellow bandmates, so I plan on working extra hard so that we could win State.” McNeese encourages his underclassmen to always work hard whether it is during practice or during a performance.
Freshman Katherine Au performed at Area and will now perform state for the first time. She believed that the TMHS band has what it takes to come out on top. “It was exciting to place third at Area and advance on to State, especially since we competed against a lot of good schools. We put a lot of effort and time into practicing our performance,” Katherine said. “My role in the band is to move the props, so it was a little chaotic for me. Overall though, I really enjoyed performing for all of the different schools, and I look forward to going to state.”
Au isn’t the only one who is optimistic about going to State. Freshmen Elizabeth Elum is anxious to perform at a prestigious competition. “I did band in Willow Wood, and it’s very different from the high school band. At Willow Wood, we would only practice during the period that we had band in, versus over here, we would practice after school, on the weekends, and we were often encouraged to practice on our own,” Elizabeth said. “When we received the news that we had qualified for state, I was extremely joyful. It had just felt as though all our hard work, all of those early morning practices, and all of our blood sweat, and tears had really paid off. I feel like our band is amazing; if we can make it to the state competition this year, I am very hopeful for what our Roarin Blue Band is capable of.”
The Roaring Blue Band will compete at State from November 7 through November 8.