Wal-Mart Donation Aids TMHS


Wal-Mart manager Cleveland Landheart brought a donation of kitchen supplies to the TMHS ARC Committee.

Devin White

A huge blessing was brought to Tomball Memorial High School thanks to Mr. David Unruh and Wal-Mart manager Cleveland Landheart. Thanks to Wal-Mart, TMHS has $1,500 to spend for student incentives. Wal-Mart also donated a microwave, two crock pots and a roaster to the Academic Recognition Committee (ARC).

The school has been open for only three weeks, but Mr. Unruh is already thinking of state testing. “I wrote a grant to Wal-Mart asking them to help us with student incentives,” said Mr. Unruh, “that will assist a certain population in succeeding in school. Mr. Landheart was instrumental in assisting me in writing the grant and approving the grant.”

In the past, incentives included breakfast and door prizes for students who participate and assist with TAKS testing.