Student Council Takes Off Full Gear

Taylor Cook

High school might be hectic, but students all like to have fun.  Student Council (Stuco) is a great way to have fun while volunteering.  It’s early into the year and Stuco already has approximately 120 members. ‘’Ms. Garza and I are very encouraged by the number of kids that want to be involved,’’ said Ms. Greenstreet, the school librarian and also one of the administrators in charge of Stuco. Stuco serves as a volunteer organization for school.

Part of Stuco is that they go to sporting games.  ‘’This year we are more focused on home games but next year we will be going to a lot more away and home games,’’ said Ms. Greenstreet.

Stuco also has a point system.  The point system is you must earn a certain amount of points per six weeks to stay in Stuco.   Members can get points for going to sporting events, donating supplies, or even turning in your membership form (If you haven’t joined yet, you can see Ms. Greenstreet or Ms. Garza for information).

Students can join at any time.  ‘’We don’t exactly have a budget but as we approach a need for money we run it through Mrs. Houston and eventually fundraiser money from the First Annual Homecoming and T-shirt sales will serve as our budget,’’said Ms. Greenstreet .

They are very open to suggestions for activities to do this year just see Ms. Greenstreet or Ms. Garza or e-mail them your ideas.   So to add to those 120 students, stop by the Stuco table at lunch and ask for a membership packet.