Sophomore Class Presidents Tie

Kate Phillips

Nick Hudzinski, Jessica Scheibe and Devyn Crawford ran for sophomore school president, and today the results were announced. However, now there isn’t just one winner—there was a tie, between Nick Hudzinski and Devyn Crawford.

Nick Hudzinski is currently the band president and is active in tech theatre. “He’s committed to helping not only sports but the fine arts,” said Roxanna Taylor. “He’s determined and funny, and a good leader in band.”

Devyn Crawford is the sports editor of the TMHS Post and yearbook and is on the Student Council Advisory Committee. She also plays tennis. “She’s really responsible and into what’s going on in the school,” said Lorianne Thennes.

With Devyn Crawford and Nick Hudzinski as the school presidents, the sophomores will have passionate representatives ready to be the voice of the people.