College Anyone?

Devin White

With most students dreaming of attending prestigious schools , such as Harvard and the Universityof Texas, about only 10% of students actually know what it takes to get into these schools. “Hard work, real dedication to grades and leadership roles in school is what it takes to get into college these days,” said Linda Nix, “because colleges don’t just hand out enrollments to their schools.”

With 44% of Tomball High School students going to a 4 year university, such as Texas A&M and Sam Houston State University, and 43% going to 2 year colleges, such as Lonestar at Tomball, students are considered to have high expectations when it comes to education after high school. “I think it’s important to go to college after high school since you can’t get a job these days without a college degree,” said Hannah McDonald, “it’s also important to go to a good college that specializes in your major, and not just go to a college because of publicity.”

The top colleges among students seem to be the University of Texas, Texas A&M, Sam Houston State University, Texas State and Baylor.  Many students in the past have majored in Business, Law, Pre-Med and Education. But more important than what school you go to and what you major in, is what students do in high school.

“Students seem to think that the freshman and sophomore years of high school are just to have fun. When really they’re the most important years of high school,” said Nix, “it can be very hard to recover from a bad GPA junior and senior year. Students need to make sure they stay on top of their grades in order to be able to choose their futures.”

“These days it is harder to get into colleges such as the Universityof Texas. The state government has allowed UT to raise their automatic acceptance percentage from the top 10% of your class to the top 8%,” said Nix, “taking SAT/ACT prep classes and advance classes in school can help improve your chances of getting into schools like these.”

About 8th grade year is when it’s best to start thinking about colleges. It is best to be thinking about 8-10 colleges you would like to apply to, then slowly narrowing it down to about six junior year, then being ready to apply to about 3 senior year.  Applying to a small amount is best considering application fees that start at $50.00.

All in all, it’s best not to stress out so much about college freshman year. Just have them in mind, keep your grades in check, and be confident about school.