No Seniors, No problem

Tori Pantalion, Staff Writer

“And in Mathematics, the first place team is Tomball Memorial. First place team for Number Sense is Tomball Memorial. First place team for Calculator Applications is Tomball Memorial. First place team for Spelling is Tomball Memorial…”

Imagine sitting in a school cafeteria on a Saturday morning, surrounded by students from other schools, waiting with anticipation to see if your name will be called, just hoping with everything in you that you will have placed. Maybe it’s hard to imagine if you’ve never felt the weight of your own medal resting on your chest, earned by determination and hard work. But for a lot of people competing in UIL is more than just something to do during the weekend. It’s a way to prove themselves and show what they can do. And for many TMHS students this dream came true.

On Friday and Saturday, TMHS students competed in the UIL district meet at Spring Woods High School. Students came home with 29 individual medals and 7 team medals in multiple events. In total 25 students won medals and 19 qualified for the Regional Competition on April 20.

Stratford High School was expected to be the biggest competition, and they succeeded in meeting their expectations. As of right now they are 70 points ahead of TMHS in the UIL competition. This puts TMHS currently in second place, but  with theater competing TMHS can earn more points.

Even if there aren’t enough points earned in theater to put take home first place, for a fairly new school TMHS has exceeded expectations regarding academic UIL. For a school with no seniors, second place is extremely impressive. Not only that, but this year there weren’t students competing in every competition for TMHS. Next year with four grade levels, hopefully there will be students participating in every competition and TMHS will take home first place.

All the students that placed and earn medals in the competition will be on the video announcements this Thursday. Be sure to congratulate all of the winners if you see them in the hallways and give them a pat on the back.

Ready Writing— Kezia Lozano won 4th place.

Mathematics— Justice Nwaiwu won 1st place, Jude Nwaiwu earned 2nd place, and Dorothy Nguyen came in 5th place. The team of Justice, Jude, Dorothy, and Maanasa Chittari combined to win 1st place and qualify for Regionals.

Current Issues— Khai Tran earned 3rd place and qualified for Regionals.

Spelling— Krithika Kumar overwhelming out-spelled her competitors to earn 1st place. Christina Hamilton won 3rd place and Kezia Lozano placed 6th. Krithika, Christina, Kezia, and Maanasa Chittari combined to earn 1st place team honors and qualify for Regionals.

Number Sense— The pairs of siblings—Jude and Justice Nwaiwu and Devin and Sophia Hua—swept 1st through fourth places and took 1st place team. All qualified for Regionals.

Literary Criticism— Lorena Hernandez earned 3rd place and qualified for Regionals. Michelle Barnett earned 6th place. Lorena, Michelle, Vanessa Craige, and Kaysee Hoffman earned 2nd place team honors.

Calculator Applications— Once again Jude and Justice Nwaiwu lead the team with 1st and 2nd place medals respectively. Vincent Hua took 4th place. Jude, Justice, Vincent, and Devin Hua won 1st place team and qualified for Regionals.

Feature Writing— Teddi Cliett placed 2nd, Maddie Cohen placed 3rd, and Delia Davis placed 5th. Teddi and Maddie qualified for Regionals.

Editorial Writing— Teddi Cliett placed 5th.

Computer Science— Nick Nienberg won 1st place in the individual competition. Justice Nwaiwu placed 4th and Cody Goldsmith placed 6th. The team won 1st place and qualified for Regionals.

Headline Writing— Corey Bryan placed 3rd and qualified for Regionals. Devyn Crawford placed 4th.

Social Studies— Sheehan Jimenez won 1st place, Michelle Nguyen placed 3rd, and Daniel Sim 4th. The three combined to earn 1st place team and qualified for Regionals.