Portables Create Mixed Emotions

Heather Holley, Staff Writer

Rushing to next period, students have to open the doors and take a step outside to get to their classroom. Everyone sees these trailers through the cafeteria windows, but most students don’t know what it’s like inside of the small portables.
This year, courses like theatre, health, and english are going mobile.
“I think it was our only choice,” Health teacher Misti Taylor said. “This school is getting bigger, and I don’t think the district was prepared for all these students, so the portables were our only option.”
Attitudes toward the new classrooms are different for everyone. For Taylor, she doesn’t seem too positive towards the change because of her lesson plans.
“Now that I’ve moved, I no longer have a smartboard to use for my lessons,” Taylor said. “I’m still working on getting used to this new classroom.”
Other teachers remain optimistic about having their own room.
“I was kind of excited when I found out I was going to be teaching in a portable,” Health teacher and coach David Miller said. “I get my own air conditioning, and for me it’s easier to get here from athletics.”
Miller almost seems to prefer teaching in the portables, being secluded and unbothered.
“I still enjoy teaching, it’s actually a lot more relaxing,” Miller said. “There’s a lot less distractions.”
Everyone feels different about these new teaching and learning environments, but they are just a temporary fix and there are good things to look forward to.
“As long as they like the class, students shouldn’t have a problem adapting to the change,” Miller said.

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