Making the News

Megan Scott and Abbey Seveney, Contributing Writers

For most students, giving a speech can be nerve-racking, let alone broadcasting yourself to just under 2000 students.  For the broadcast team consisting of senior Ian Williams, senior Sarah Durham, senior Tucker Thompson and junior Kierra Britton, that’s exactly what they do. The morning announcements air twice a week, Williams and Thompson on Tuesdays and Britton and Durham on Fridays.

“Broadcast is awesome this year,” Broadcast teacher Jill Chumley said.

The process to become one of the anchors for morning announcements was fairly simple. They were given an old announcement and asked to read it on camera, testing their charisma.

“First day of filming was super awkward and uncomfortable, I didn’t know what was expected of me,” Williams said.

Although they make it look easy, there are multiple difficulties being an anchor.

“The hardest part is trying to be professional when you want people to think you’re funny,” Williams said.

“I want to make the morning announcements better than last year,” said Williams, considering graduates Clay Jacobs and Aaron Zahn were the anchors last year.

Since the anchors have decided to split into boys vs. girls teams, Durham’s has goals. “Just enjoy it. Oh, and be the better team of course.”

“Last year I thought it was a dream to be one of the first anchor women,” Durham said. Britton and Durham have the honor of being the first women anchors in Memorial history.

Although the anchors this year had the tough job of coming in after Jacobs and Zahn, “It was the only thing everyone’s ever known,” Thompkins said. They are enjoying making their own history. “We’re just doing our own thing.” Williams said.