Technology Use Grows in Classrooms

Technology Use Grows in Classrooms

Ryan James, Staff Writer

Technology has become a staple of the modern era. Whether you’re walking down the road on your phone or studying for the latest German test online, technology is necessary for progression.  Many teachers around the country have taken advantage of the benefits technology has to offer. A few around here are finally hopping on the bandwagon.

Whether it’s Kahoot, Quizlet, Google Classroom, Prezi, Photoshop, Excel, Word, Google Drive, Google Slides, etc. there’s no doubt you will find a use for it in class.  It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a teacher, there’s something to be desired in the simplicity technology adds to your life.

“If I can use tech in my classes, I will,” student council adviser Irma Sibert said. “It makes life much easier.”

Kahoot is a flashy competitive style review website used by many teachers in social studies and foreign languages.  It takes the simple act of answering questions on a quiz and applies a point system to stimulate competitiveness.

“I’ve come to notice normal paper reviews don’t help the student as much.”  German teacher Yvonne Thomas said.  “Kahoot engages the kids by making them compete against each other.”

The only issue with Kahoot is the abundance of it.  If all teachers in the school begin converting to a Kahoot friendly classroom, the attention it draws would slowly fade away.

“Kahoot is a novelty right now,” Thomas said.  “If all teachers used it, it would become monotonous and the kids wouldn’t care as much.

Some classes have gone on to assign Chromebooks to individual students to take home. 

“Each of my officers were given a Chromebook at the beginning of the year,” Sibert said. “It’s a great idea because all my extracurricular activities are based around Google, and being able to send the information quickly is beneficial.”

Google Classroom works with teachers and students to match an online class in a physical class setting.  In Google Classroom, the teacher can send in assignments to the kids online, and upon completion – they can turn it back into the teacher.