Behind the Scenes of the Registrar Office


Meredith Darrow, Staff Writer

Seeing teachers, counselors, and assistant principals has become a norm of everyday student life, but often overlooked is the critical role of the registrar’s office. Working 220 days of the year and long hours every day, this staff has to be diligent to make sure all student needs are attended to.  

The current registrar, Lucy Erwin, originally wanted to enter the business field but then switched to working in a local public school district.

“I didn’t always plan on being in schooling, but I started when my two daughters were in school,” Erwin said. “I liked the idea of being able to work on their schedules myself, so it seemed like a good place to be.”

Erwin began working in the library at Tomball High school and then went on to become an assistant registrar there. One teacher, Kevin Winfield, had worked with Erwin while she was in these positions and took notice of her positive personality as she worked.

“Lucy is an approachable, nice person,” Winfield said. “When she moved to the registrar’s office, she was really good at making new kids and families feel welcome to the school.”

With 12 years of experience, Erwin took on the position of head registrar at this high school when it opened. However, this office cannot be run by a single person, so Erwin receives help from, and works closely with the others on staff.

“I have two very good secretaries, and they handle a lot of the hands on interaction with the students,” Erwin said.   

When seniors need to submit transcripts for potential colleges and scholarships, the work is transferred to Erwin.

“For the students that are going to college in state, we send the transcripts electronically through a system tied to each Texas school,” Erwin said.

A common misconception about the role of the registrar’s office is that they only handle enrollments and withdrawals, when in fact there are many other facets to their work. An important part of calculating GPA is monitoring grades to make sure nothing is incomplete before they are finalized.

“This office also verifies that grades are all correct and that quality points are added when the time comes to determine class rank,” Erwin said.

Wrapping up the school year is always a busy time with several duties from confirming grades to transcripts, but the registrar is well equipped for the task.

“She has a strong work ethic,” student parent Amy Harris said. “She really seems to enjoy working with the registrar staff and all the people she meets.”