English Teacher Adapts to New School

Isabelle Keever, Staff Writer

Waiting for her students to fill the class, English II PAP and English III teacher Ashley Fisher is ready for a new year at a new school filled with experiences to come. New to the district, Fisher is excited about her first year at TMHS.

Fisher lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado where she loved growing up.

“It was everything you could want. So many things to do outdoors,” Fisher said.

In high school, Fisher played Lacrosse where she was captain for 2 years, and was in National Honor Society, or NHS.

“I was one of the founders of FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes,” Fisher said.

She was also in NSHS, or National Spanish Honor Society, where they learned about different countries and practiced with native speakers.

“We had heritage days where we learned about different spanish speaking countries,” Fisher said.

After high school, Fisher attended Texas A&M University, where she majored in English and Spanish.

“My friends went to Colorado Universities, so I wanted to be different and go out of state,” Fisher said.

While in college, she participated in a Freshman Leadership Organization which helped the new students around the campus.

“I started as a member when I was a freshman and then became a part of the staff,” Fisher said.

Through an A&M internship, Fisher worked as a teaching assistant where she helped teach a DC English class.

Fisher also used her degree in Spanish when she lived abroad.

“I lived in Spain for 5 months,” Fisher said. “It was the best experience of my life.”

Once graduated from A&M, she worked for a year at Hutto High School where she taught 10th grade English.

Now at Tomball Memorial, students are excited to learn in her class.

“I look forward to reading new novels and showing her my creativity,” sophomore Estevan Ramos said.

Another one of Fisher’s students, sophomore Isa Uribe, is excited to be in Fisher’s class.

“She answers every question when a student doesn’t understand something,” Uribe said. “She explains things so that we understand it quicker and better.”

Fisher is also thrilled to be at TMHS.

“Tomball Memorial is awesome,” Fisher said. “I love the staff and the students so far.”