Top Teachers Make the Grade

Madaline Cannon, Staff Writer

Andrew Easton and Lieutenant Colonel Carlen Charleston were selected as two of the four A+ teachers. Teachers and staff voted on which teachers would be awarded at the end of April.

“I was flattered that members of the staff would vote for me,” Easton said. “It’s a great honor to be recognized by your peers and I’m very humbled by the award.”

Lt. Col. Charleston was also shocked with the outcome of the results. 

“We have so many good teachers here,” Lt. Col. Charleston said. “It’s impressive that they would think that much of me; I look at these teachers and think, ‘wow I wish I was in high school again so I could learn from them’.”

Many people believe that how a teacher teaches is what gets them an award, but how they treat their students also contributes.

“I care,” Lt. Col. Charleston said. “I tell my kids in the program that I teach so they can use what they learn later on. I think caring makes the biggest difference and I think people see it when I teach.”

Easton believes he was awarded A+ teacher due to the hard work and success of the band this year.

“I think a lot of it has to do with our students’ success and this happens to be a byproduct of it,” Easton said. “I don’t think I do anything out of the ordinary; the people I teach every day have been so successful and I get recognized for it, but this is more for the students in the band program.”

Easton has wanted to be a band director since his senior year of high school.

“I decided what I wanted to do a little later than most people,” Easton said. “July of the summer after my senior year is when I decided I wanted to be a band director.”

Since retiring from the Marines in 2005, Lt. Col. Charleston has wanted to teach.

“I was going to be a regular teacher until I found out about this JROTC position and I taught it for five years in Fort Bend,” Lt. Col. Charleston said. “I left because I was going to open a barbecue restaurant. But I missed it so badly and when I found out there was an opening here I took it.”

Both Easton and Lt. Col. Charleston continue to strive for excellence and enjoy the environment of teaching.

“In order to do this job you have to put tons into it,” Easton said. “I do what’s necessary and expected to do the best for my students.”