NHS evolves to accommodate increasing membership

Audrey Cascarelli, Online Editor-in-Chief

Accompanying the change in sponsorship for National Honor Society are an increase in membership size, more qualifications for admittance, and more expansive service opportunities.

NHS sponsor Tancy Juliano hopes to increase the size of the organization to over double the amount of people currently in it.

“When this school opened, we were small, so 60 people was plenty for that time,” Juliano said. “But now we’re a 6A school, we’re much bigger, and as a school this size we should have about 200 NHS members.”

Leadership positions outside of the school will now be considered on applications into the program.

“There just aren’t enough leadership opportunities at the school for everyone in NHS to have one,” Juliano said. “It was only logical to allow leadership positions outside of school to count for the NHS application.”

As well as this, NHS service point opportunities will not longer be confined to TMHS alone, but will expand to every school in the district.

“Again, it’s a growth issue,” Juliano said. “We just don’t have enough service point opportunities at the school for the amount of people we have in the organization, so we’ve decided to allow volunteering at any school in the district to count for NHS points.”

The changes bring a sigh of relief to many members of the organization.

“I’m very excited,” NHS historian Arden Easton said. “It was always stressful for everyone to try and get every last NHS point before the semester ended, but now there will be enough to go around.”

Despite what it may seem, the fundamental functions of the club are not changing drastically, just expanding upon what was already in place.

“I want people to know that the organization isn’t just switching everything up suddenly,” NHS treasurer Allie Pearson said. “We’re not changing, we’re evolving.”

The first NHS meeting will be on September 12 in the LGI, with both a morning and afternoon option so every member is able to attend.