Principal awards teacher with surprise wildcat pin

Madaline Cannon, Staff Writer

As a symbol of thanks for all of her hard work and dedication to the school, Principal Chad Smith surprised German teacher Yvonne Thomas with a wildcat pin during her first period class in January.

“We have these wildcat pins, and I try to wear them on most of my suits,” Smith said. “I wanted to say, ‘Thank you, and we’re proud of you for helping out students with all of their activities.’”

In addition to teaching German, Thomas also helps out with many extracurricular activities, including band, color guard and basketball.

“She had just taken on another job helping boys basketball,” Smith said. “She was learning how to keep the book, which is a really important job. She has to make sure the scores and fouls are right, as well as keep a record of everything that happens during the game.”

Thomas’ PAP German III and AP German IV students looked on as Smith arrived to present Thomas’ award.

“It was really funny,” junior Courtney Smith said. “Ms. Thomas was really surprised by Mr. Smith. He told her there were only 12 of these pins, and that he was grateful that she was keeping the book.”

Smith told Thomas that he had a surprise for her for all of her hard work, but she “did not believe that he would remember.”

“Smith told me that he had a surprise for me when he found out I was keeping the book for boys basketball,” Thomas said. “I was really surprised, I thought he was joking.”