UIL prepares for District competition, now 6A

Isabelle Keever, Copy Editor

UIL Academics will attend their second practice meet of the year in Livingston this Saturday. Many individuals and teams placed at the first meet in Humble on Jan. 19 up against over 30 different schools.

Overall sponsor Janet Stackhouse was satisfied with how students did at the Humble meet.

“I was very pleased, especially with team placings,” Stackhouse said. “The competition was very tough and unlike what we’re used to.”

The Journalism team won first overall, sweeped News Writing and also placed in Copy Editing, Headlines and Editorials. Junior Madaline Cannon went in with a negative outlook, but was shocked when she placed first in News and sixth in Editorials.

“I left the competition before they announced winners,” Cannon said. “I dropped my phone when I got the text that I won.”

Participating in various events, senior Radha Maholtra placed second in Number Sense, third in Calculator Applications and fourth in Mathematics.  

“I was very surprised but happy when I placed,” Maholtra said. “Since it’s my senior year I hope I can advance to State, but I know it will be hard.”  

Other winners include Mathematics, Current Issues and Events and Computer Science which all took second, and Number sense, Calculator Applications and Literary Criticism that all took third place.

Stackhouse believes the Humble meet was a good indication that teams will perform well in the next invitational and at District, despite an increase in competition after moving up to 6A.

“We are heading into the unknown and we don’t know who exactly to be concerned about,” Stackhouse said. “But I know we will all do the best we can.”