AP students to take makeup tests after bad weather day

Alanna Craige, Editor-in-Chief

Due to the cancellation of school on Friday, May 10, students supposed to take the AP exams scheduled for that day must instead complete their exams on the re-testing days.

Students taking the AP US History exam will take the exam on the late-testing date, Thursday morning, May 23.

“Last week, I felt like I couldn’t focus on AP Physics and APUSH  at once,” junior Sanna Apolskis said. “This way, we have more time to go more in depth with APUSH. We really only had nine days to review, but now we have two extra weeks.”

Other AP exams offered on the cancelled day, due to flooding, included Computer Science Principles and Physics 2: Algebra-Based. The computer science retesting will take place on Wednesday afternoon, May 22.

“I missed three of the four practice AP testing days in computer science because of taking other AP tests,” senior Dat Tran said. “I did well on the mock test I did do, so I think I’m fine. I’ll just lightly review my own notes since I don’t have time for after-school tutoring to review the material we missed.”

The late-testing score results are delayed by up to one month, according to College Board’s website.

“I am so worried about APUSH,” junior Kareena Sharma said. “I’m nervous about it being rescheduled. I’ve heard the test is harder when you have to take it on the makeup day.”