New principal to step in next year


Alanna Craige, Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Mike Metz will become the new principal next year, since current principal Chad Smith will take up a new position as director of district support.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t pass up,” Metz said. “You see the kids and the teachers here, and it’s a no-brainer.”

Metz grew up in this town, attended Lakewood Elementary School, and graduated from Tomball High School. He went on to teach algebra at THS and coach the boys soccer team along with this school’s current coach, James Woodard.

“It’s an opportunity to come back home,” Metz said. “It’s an opportunity to invest in the community that I’m from.”

Metz has previously worked with five of the six other administrators at this school in some capacity, from his time at THS, and also served as an assistant principal at North Pointe Intermediate.

“I knew a lot of the folks here,” Metz said. “I worked with Coach Woodard, and then I know a lot of the kids here from my time at North Pointe. It’s like coming back home.”

In his first year as principal here, Metz will also deal with construction from the expansion.

“With any kind of construction, there’s the hope of what the school will look like and what programs they will add,” Metz said. “They expanded Tomball High School in the 2000s. They went through that transition without interrupting the daily lives of kids.”

Smith’s new position will focus on working with other campuses on discipline, safety, and overseeing district textbooks.

“I have always looked forward to the chance to work with all the different campuses, different principals,” Smith said.

Leaving this campus means Smith will not interact with students on as much of a personal level as he could until now, since his responsibilities will spread across the district and not focus on a singular school.

“I will miss the daily interactions with students,” Smith said. “I’ll still get to do activities with students, but it won’t be like here.”

Most students here have known only Smith as their principal.

“We’re excited to see him move up,” junior Kenzy Millington said. “It’s a great opportunity for him.”