Luring in Victory

Fishing Team places in Regional Competition, now Heads to State

Allison Greiner , Staff Writer

He deeply focuses his eyes on catching a humongous fish as his sweaty hands firmly grasp the fishing rod. All the sudden, the fish he was patiently waiting for springs out of the water as a huge smile appears across his face. 

The fishing team recently had five teams advance to the regional tournament at the Houston division regional tournament on Lake Somerville; three teams will advance to the state tournament at Cedar Creek Reservoir on May 11.

“The fishing competition was eight long hours, intense and sometimes stressful,” freshman Chris Roane said. “However, it was also very exciting.”

Juniors Brandon Traw and Parker Thompson placed 17th with 12.29lbs; junior Lukas Benton and senior Hunter Bertrand got 27th with 8.66 lbs; seniors Tanner Spedden and John Thompson finished 86th with 2.88 lbs; sophomores Tanner Lopez and Zen Fujimoto finished 101st with 1.99 lbs.

“My favorite part about being on the fishing team is the competitive atmosphere it provides,” J. Thompson said. “Our fishing competitions are a lot more competitive than most would expect.”

The fishing team has a lot of tedious practices in order to ensure they’re ready for the next competition.

“A typical day of practice is mostly looking for a place where fish would be, like marking the structure,” J. Thompson said. “We also work on brush piles and depth changes.”

In order to place in competitions, members of the fishing team sometimes have to do things they’re not comfortable with in order to succeed.

“Some of the things we’ve practiced in order to help our abilities were specific rods so that certain baits will work the best, placement of the lure and using lures I’m not usually comfortable with,” Roane said.

Typically, the guys practice on weekends. However, there are no set practice days.

“A practice day for us is very similar to how it would be in a tournament,” Roane said. “Practice is really up to each person but usually pre-fish is the day before competing.”

Motivation and dedication keep the guys focussed on pursuing what they enjoy and work hard for.

“What keeps me motivated to keep pursuing fishing is just the enjoyment of fishing and being out on the water,” J. Thompson said. 

Continuous passion helped the fishing team make it to state and enjoy the sport more and more.

“I have such a huge passion for fishing,” Roane said. “That’s what makes me motivated to keep on pursuing it every day.”