New NHS President Chosen

Allison Greiner, Staff Writer

After a tedious audition and voting process, junior Hannah Adamski will serve as this year’s National Honor Society president.

“I chose to run for president because I wanted beyond anything for the class of 2020 to have their voice heard,” Adamski said. “I want each person to be able to offer suggestions on how to improve the program in every way.”

At the NHS induction, officer positions were announced among the people who received the most votes for office by other NHS members (70%) and by teacher recommendations (30%).

“I’ve always been inspired by others around me to take a stand on something that I really want to have an impact on,” Adamski said.

Adamski did not expect to win at all because she believed a lot of the other candidates were perfect for the spot. She was very surprised and excited when she received the position.

“Through NHS, I was presented with the amazing opportunity for running for a position and was actually very unsure if I even stood a chance among other people,” Adamski said. “Each and every one of them possessed special traits that made them the perfect candidate.”

The NHS president’s primary responsibility is to assist all other officers if they need help completing their jobs. They also serve to make the organization run as smoothly as possible through fine-tuning scripts for ceremonies or helping sign off at events for members who are looking to earn points for the semester.

“For the upcoming school year, I would love to bring in more year-round point opportunities for all members to be able to gain both NHS and community points on their own time if they are ever struggling in attaining the necessary amount,” Adamski said.

Not only is she offering more point opportunities, but one of Adamski’s goals is to bring more organization to NHS.

“I’m super stoked to be able to introduce a greater method of communication and ease between the officers and the members through alpha officers,” Adamski said. “Hopefully, the organization will gain a more family-like sentiment throughout our senior year.”

Adamski is looking forward to seeing the organization grow as a whole and is also excited for the positive way NHS makes people feel.

“I know that may sound cheesy, but ultimately I’m most excited for the feedback from the members on how the officers and everyone as a whole can make the organization more successful,” Adamski said.

She believes NHS will help students succeed in the future and will leave a positive impact on their lives. 

“I’m looking to see success but also enjoyment and excitement in all aspects of the organization,” Adamski said. “My goal is for everybody to end senior year and say that NHS really made a positive impact on their life and prepared them for future successes.”