Seniors start the year with ‘sunrise’

New tradition heads to TMHS


Laurie Carillo

Sitting in the bleachers on the soccer field, a group of seniors pose for a picture of the sunrise.

Ore James, Online Editor-in-Chief

As their classmates slept, hundreds of seniors gathered on the soccer field at 6:30 a.m. to eat donuts, hear speeches, take photos, and kick off the school year. The first “senior sunrise” in school history occurred on Friday morning, and will culminate in a senior sunset in May.

“My goal was just for everybody to come out and enjoy that this is our final year here,” senior class president Bella Barrett said. “Starting it and ending it together is the best thing I thought we could do.”

During the event, seniors were free to take pictures at several photo stations and socialize on the field. Several brought blankets to lay on the field and watch the sunrise.

“Senior sunrise was a lot of fun,” senior Christina Sancho-Spore said. “I loved the metaphorical meaning behind it. It’s a great tradition that I hope will carry on.”

Students were encouraged to write goals for the year on note cards, with the purpose of reading them again at senior sunset. Seniors also signed a class banner, which now hangs in the main hallway.

“National art honor society offered to make the banner and we loved the idea,” Barrett said. “We had everybody sign it to memorialize our class.”

Senior sunrise opened and closed with speeches from Principal Metz, history teacher Daniel Craft and math teacher Christine Kilcoyne, all aimed at inspiring the class.

“My goal for the speech was to help students realize that every single thing is a small miracle,” Metz said. “Everything should be experienced if we are to truly live life fully.”

Class officers pitched the event last school year, modeling it after other schools’ traditions.

“A lot of schools do this every year and we had no idea,” Barrett said. “I was on Pinterest one day and found it, and thought our class would really like it.”

With a large turnout and positive reaction, many view senior sunrise as a promising start to the school year.

“The class officers and students here are just unbelievable,” Metz said. “I consider myself lucky to even be a part of it.”