FFA members select animals for the year

Ore James, Online Editor-in-Chief

Members of FFA participated in animal selection on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students arrived at the barn to choose lambs, goats, and pigs to raise for the year.

“It determines how you’ll do for the rest of the year,” senior and FFA member Alyssa Brown said. “When we have the show in January, it all depends on the animal’s body structure now.”

Around 10 a.m., members of FFA drew numbers to determine when they would select their animal. Students had three minutes to choose.

“I was really lucky this year and chose second, so that was a lot of fun,” junior and FFA member Reagan Haynes said.

During selection, students carefully inspected the animals for specific traits.

“I went and looked at all the lambs and braced them to see if they had the right body structure, skeleton, muscles and height, all the things the animal needs to be successful,” Haynes said.

In addition to letting members choose their animals for the year, the event also shows new members how to get involved in FFA.

“I saw a couple officers and our teachers show the newbies what they should look for,” Haynes said. “In the end it’s always a positive experience you look forward to.”