Late to class? New app aims to curb tardies

Madaline Cannon, Copy Editor

The bell rings and he stops in his tracks – he is late to class again.

This all too familiar situation prompted Cooper Scott, a senior at Klein Oak High School, to create an app, titled “Bell Schedule (For School)”, to fix this problem of tardiness.

“I was a freshman at Klein Oak and I would walk a girl to class many times a day throughout the semester,” Scott said. “As a result I would often be late to class by a few seconds and I would think, ‘if only I knew how many seconds I had left until class started.’”

To create the app for Android and IOS, Scott had to use the languages of each device.

“It’s important to understand that this is a cross-platform app.” Scott said. “If you are going to write an app for Android, you must write in the Java language. If you are going to write an app for IOS, you must write in Objective C or swift.”

The app went through a few months of testing before the app was released to the app store.

“I had some of my friends beta-test the app from Klein High School and Klein Oak High School for the remainder of the school year.” Scott said. “Once the testing was over and I felt competent it was ready for the general Klein ISD public, I published the app on both IOS and Android in preparation for the 2017-2018 school year.”

The overall goal of the app is to make students aware of how much time students have between classes.

“The entire idea is to minimize tardiness,” Scott said. “I want to revolutionize the way school districts eliminate tardiness because the current methods are not working. It fixed my problem so I’m not surprised it fixed everyone else’s.”

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