German trip provides European travel opportunity


Laurie Carrillo

Sophomore James Eichmann and junior Zachary Charles pose in front of the poster for the European trip they are attending.

Avery Lester, Staff Writer

Students will have the opportunity to travel abroad to German-speaking European countries in the summer of 2021 in a trip supervised by German teachers Brenda Bauske and Ashley Ritter of TMHS and THS. Along with these two teachers, anyone, regardless of foreign language class, is welcome to join.
“We are going to four different German-speaking countries,” Bauske said. “Specifically, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.”
The trip is a standard nine days long, including tours of cities and famous sights. However, students can stay an extra 10 days in Tomball’s sister city of Telgte for an extra $150. Students will live with a host family to understand the essentials of German life.
“They will be introduced to what everyday life is like instead of touring around on a coach bus,” Bauske said. “They can see what Germany is all about and get immersed in the language.”
There is no due date to turn in applications to join. But the longer students wait, the more expensive it will be. Right now, it costs $3800 for the nine-day trip, which includes airfare, food, transportation, and lodging. This does not include extra spending money.
“Students will have two to four hours of free time a day to do whatever they want,” Bauske said. “You have to financially plan ahead for what you are planning on doing and seeing.”
Over 20 students from TMHS and THS have signed up to go so far. Sophomore James Eichmann is one of them.
“I’m really looking forward to going on the trip,” Eichmann said. “It’ll be awesome to improve my skills in speaking the German language.
Another student attending the trip is sophomore Daniel Juhlich.
“My family’s roots are in Germany,” Juhlich said. “I’ve always wanted to go there to find out more about my family’s history and experience German culture.”
This is the first time students have had the opportunity to travel to German-speaking countries through the school. However, Bauske has gone on many of these trips before with THS.
“What makes this trip special is that we’re going to multiple countries,” Bauske said.
Bauske is also excited for the trip. To her, the trip is more than just traveling to a different country.
“The trip promotes independence,” Bauske said. “You’re in a foreign country and have to make sound decisions. It’s a great learning experience.”
Student reception to the trip has been quite positive so far.
“The student response has been truly positive,” Juhlich said. “We’ve all worked for this and we all want to enjoy the freedom of being in another country.”