New tardy policy aims to speed up procedures

Faith Fuller, Staff Writer

Starting today, students who are late to class will no longer have to trek across the school to reach the tardy station outside the library; instead, they will need to find the nearest office pod and ask the secretary to write them a tardy slip.

“Instead of a tardy station, students will go to the nearest office pod to get a pass,” secretary Kristie Brokmeyer said. “It doesn’t have to be their office pod, just the closest one.”

Administration enacted the change after department chairs began voicing concern about students missing too much class time when they were tardy. Some students had to walk across the school to reach the library tardy station, while others took advantage of the issue by purposefully taking a long time to get back to class. This prompted the administration to take action.

“We made the decision as a group,” associate principal Kevin Williams said. “The process of getting tardy slips is the same, it’s just the proximity that changed.”

The only exception to this new policy is during fifth period, when the tardy station will be located outside the library.

“During lunch times, the tardy station will be by the library because the secretaries are on lunch break,” Brokmeyer said.

Consequences for tardies will not change; the system simply aims to minimize the amount of class time students miss by making it easier to obtain a tardy slip.

“The administration is hoping that this system will be faster so that students aren’t losing so much instructional time,” Brokmeyer said.