Phase one construction goes underway in athletics wing


Avery Lester

Construction outside of the athletic hall.

Avery Lester, Staff Writer

Athletic wing construction began demolition last Wednesday. The add-ons, set to finish by Aug. 12, will double the size of the weight room and add a new locker room.

The new plans will not affect student parking or disrupt the educational process.
“Past construction closed off parking for the natatorium and we also lost more over winter break,” associate principal Kevin Williams said. “However, these new plans are a different story and won’t affect student parking.”
As for athletes right now, it will not affect game time or practice. However, starting in May, the entire athletic wing will be closed off because of the construction.
“Nothing is going to change because of the demolition right now,” basketball coach Matthew Bailey said. “But it will provide a lot more space and will only inconvenience us for a short amount of time.”
Once the construction is finished, many other construction operations will begin.
“When this one is finished we will move into building the new gym, and later on the fine arts,” Williams said. “There’s just a lot of moving pieces to work about.”