Early voting for primary ends tomorrow

Avery Lester, Staff Writer

Early voting for Texas primaries began last Tuesday and will end this Friday. Any citizens over 18 who are registered to vote can participate.
One of the early voters was senior Isabelle Keever.
“I was the youngest person there,” Keever said. “When I went, the attendant asked if I had ever voted before. I said no and they seemed very excited.”
Primary voting includes more than just presidential candidates. Individuals can vote for congressional senators and representatives, district representatives, railroad commissioner, Texas Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, Board of Education and Texas House. Even though there are many categories, you are not required to vote for all of them.
Many see the act of voting as daunting, but Keever felt the voting environment was safe and welcoming.
“I felt very comfortable voting,” Keever said. “It’s very private so no one can see who you are choosing.”
Voting is electronic and those who don’t make it to early voting can vote next week on Super Tuesday.
“I definitely think everyone should go out and vote,” Keever said. “It represents what the country wants and needs.”

Students can vote early at the following locations:
Juergens Hall Community Center
Lone Star College Creekside
Richard and Med Weekley Community Center
Tomball Public Works Building

Register to Vote here: https://webservices.sos.state.tx.us/vrapp/index.asp