Students take first place at annual Math Bowl


Courtesy of TMHS Instagram

The five participating students pose after the competition.

Laurie Carrillo, Staff Writer

This past Saturday, five students competed at Lone Star Community College’s annual Math Bowl against three local high schools, taking home first place. The following students were chosen to participate in the competition: Aakkash Muthukumar (Algebra I), Meibeth Cannon (Geometry), Aidan Caudle (Algebra II), Aubany Caton (Pre-calculus), and Daniel Ramirez (Calculus).

“It was a fun, interactive experience,” junior Aubany Caton said. “It was great to be around other students who love math as much as I do.”

In a game show style set-up, the competitors used their individuals skills to advance through the rounds, combining their knowledge to answer bonus questions. The team received a plaque and $80 each for their victory.

“It was a collaborative effort and we felt very accomplished,” junior Daniel Ramirez said. “We were happy to have the opportunity to participate.”