Phase two of construction set to finish by January


Nikolas Skarzenski

Construction of the new band hall is currently in progress, and is set to finish by January 2021.

Nikolas Skarzenski, Staff Writer

When arriving on campus this year, most students and staff quickly took note of the construction everywhere. Phase two of construction is currently underway, which includes the new kitchen, gym, natatorium, and rooms for band, dance, cheer, and color guard. All are projected to finish by January 2021.

With phase two finishing by the time we come back from Christmas break, many sides of campus are excited about the new additions.

“We are currently in the second stage and still have a few phases one stuff,” associate principal Kevin Williams said.

Dance teacher Samandra Nail is one of the many who are excited about the completion of the new projects, as a larger dance room will drastically help the drill team and dance classes.

“We’re excited about having a full-size gym because that is what we compete on,” Nail said.

In the same hall as the new dance room will be the brand new band hall. With the new space comes more room for the expanding band program.

“This new band hall will be bigger and quieter,” freshman band member Aidan McNeese said.

Lauren King, a swimmer for four years, is most looking forward to having a pool here on campus because it will eliminate the need for the swim team to bus over to Tomball High’s pool.

“I won’t need to wake up as early and I can put in more time at the pool since it is closer,” King said.

After January, phase three and phase four will go underway, and with those come more potential interferences. Currently, many doors are not accessible due to construction, and fake fire alarms are possible due to the stirring of dust getting into alarms. According to Williams, “balancing what students need to do and what construction needs to do” is the hardest part of continuing construction while school is in session. Williams has been in talks with construction to avoid interruptions during the PSAT, but with the occasional interruption comes a brand new school, fit for the growing student body.