Info: How to join clubs on campus


Nikolas Skarzenski, Staff Writer

We know it is hard to find the perfect club for your high school experience. We have collected information from the major clubs here on campus.

In alphabetical order:

ASL Club

The American Sign Language Club is a student-led organization where members will meet every other week to learn sign language and to learn about the deaf community. The goals of ASL Club are to develop students receptive and expressive ASL skills and increase their awareness and knowledge of Deaf culture. It will be open to all students from no ASL experience to fluent speakers. The club will focus on learning the language and providing students with a club to express interest and enjoyment in another culture and way of communicating.

Best Buddies
Our club is a club that is focused around inclusion. We believe in including everyone, no matter race, gender, or disability. We believe in creating friendships that last between people with and without intellectual disabilities.

  • Remind code: @TMHSbud
  • President: Aeryn Yeiser & Vice President: Chloe Hobbs. Sponsors are Mrs. Julanio and Mrs. Trzcinski
  • There are no prerequisites! Our whole club is based on inclusion, so we want everyone to join and make new friendships
  • Nothing is really due as of now, though make sure to fill out the matched member application if you want to matched this year

Cats for Christ

Cats for Christ is a club that meets every Wednesday morning in room 1325 and is passionate about fostering community, worshiping together, and learning more about Jesus!

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

  • Membership forms:
  • Remind code: @tmhsdeca21
  • President: Tracy Chan & Vice President: Nataly Nasrawi, Anthony Martinez, Janice Ngyuen, Travis Plaxco, Sai Anapu
  • Who can join: Must have taken any CTE class (speech, health, etc)
  • Packets will be due November 18

FCCLA stands for Family Career Community Leaders of America. FCCLA prides themselves on being the only family oriented club on campus that competes in a range of competitions from culinary to business to education! These competitions teach a range of skills that will greatly benefit any career you will pursue in the future.


HOSA – Future Health Professionals is a nationally recognized organization that students can join to learn more about health science professions and more. we host events such as Fall Leadership Conference and blood drives, as well as volunteering in the community. we also compete every year within our area, state, and at the national level in events that are connected in some way to health science

  • We aren’t doing packets this year, all you need to do to become a member is pay the local or national dues at:
  • Remind code: text @fkf9da to 810-10
  • Schoology Code: DS6F-2DM5-2QD7W
  • President: Sejal Ramlogun & Co-Vice President: Audrey Brown, Co-Vice President: Issa Abusada
  • No prerequisites to be in HOSA! most members are in a health science course but it is not required
  • All membership dues were due by October 30

Key Club

Key Club is an international student-led organization. We volunteer around the community to not only give back to it, but to spread our kindness and gratitude. Our motto is “Caring is our way of life” and we always try our very best to follow it. With Key Club members do not only focus on volunteering but they have the opportunities to make new friends and memories or gain experience in teamwork and leadership.

  • Website:
  • Remind code: @tmhskey
  • President: Isabella Negron, Vice President: Helen Nguyen, Advisors: Mrs. Gest, Mrs. Shaw & Mrs. Tate
  • There are no prerequisites to joining Key Club, anyone can become a member of our Key Club family
  • Packets are usually due 2 weeks after our introductory meeting, so right now we’re all set in stone with our members

Science Olympiad
We compete in a vast variety of scientific events against other schools. We currently have two teams, and each person works with a partner in each of their events. Usually we travel to do so at different schools and universities, but this year we are able to compete out of state due to the fact that everything is virtual.

Speech & Debate

Speech & Debate is a fast growing organization on campus with a 70% increase in membership from the 2019-2020 school year. We offer the opportunity for students to grow in their speaking skills and logic as individuals and team members through various events. Whether you have a innterest in one-on-one debate, team debate, or love to present your speaking and/or acting skills, Speech & Debate is the organization for you.

  • Twitter @debateTMHS, Instagram @debate.tmhs.
  • Stop by room 1525 and see Mrs. Carpenter for more information on how to become a member
  • Remind code: @tmhsspe
  • Captain: Tori Croff & Co-Captain: Kar Mandala
  • The only requirement is that you have the passion to grow as a better speaker and debater! All are welcome!
  • You can join whenever you want but the sooner the better.

Student Council

Student Council is a student-led organization. We serve the school through projects like Homecoming, Appreciation, and so much more! If you are looking to use your voice, network or gain leadership, join today!

  • Remind code: @tmhsstuco
  • President: Braden Barrett, Vice President: John Hoepfl
  • Come to room 2101 before or after school for more information. All are welcome!
  • Rolling Membership – Join any time of the school year!


We provide materials & experiences in theatrical and similar fields to support our theatre department, as well as other organizations on this campus and the surrounding community. eg; set construction for plays, sound and light operation for music concerts, dance performances, pep rallies, & home football games, prop making, sewing, painting, custom fabrication, etc