TMHS Responds to Vandalism

With a brand new campus and materials, one would expect Tomball Memorial students to take responsibility for their own actions, for the greater good of keeping the school clean.  Yet, there have already been reports of vandalism and disrespect to brand new school property.

School vandalism is considered to be a felony by law in the state of Texas. This subject is obviously not something to be toyed around with, as I soon found out. In an interview with assistant principal, Mr. Unruh, he explained that vandalism, such as graffiti, is classified under the same category as crimes as serious as murder. Also, it means that vandalism is taken more seriously in the eyes of the law than theft. And the consequences can result in jail time.

There was graffiti found in the men’s restroom of the fine arts wing. It has been taken care of and removed. During the interview with Mr. Unruh, he stated that Tomball Memorial should not have any more problems with vandalism on campus because “students here at Tomball Memorial have too much pride. They will act with integrity, and continue to keep our school as clean as it is.”

However, graffiti only covers a part of what vandalism is considered to be.  A few skateboarders were sighted after school on campus a few weeks ago, trying to use the outdoor amp theater as something to grind on while skating. This is destructive, and damages the theater as a whole, leaving skid marks and chipping off pieces of concrete. To this, Mr. Unruh replied with, “The problem with the skateboarders has died down. The students need to remember to act with integrity.”

Mr. Unruh went on to praise our student body as a whole on our ability to keep things neat. “Students at Tomball Memorial are amazing- the cafeteria is consistently clean after every lunch, and there is only an occasional piece of trash found in the hallways.”

No more news on vandalism has been seen reported since the two occurrences mentioned in the interview with Mr. Unruh. Remind others and yourself to keep the school clean and vandalism free, because the result and punishments that come with being held responsible are not worth it.

Story by: Maddie Cohen