Paranormal Activity 3 Big Bust

Devin White

With Halloween approaching, the producers of the ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie franchise decided it was time to release their new scare.

Paranormal Activity 3 was released in to theaters October 21, 2011 and brought in $52.6 million opening weekend. This box office hit made wonderful sales at theatres like Silverado and AMC. But was it worth that $9.50 plus another $5.00 for popcorn? To me, it was a waste of money.

The trailer was full of scenes that the producers knew would attract an audience, but half of the scenes weren’t in the movie, which was a big let down.

I thought it was also ineffective that the producers would make the whole movie blurry. The movie was obviously not shot in 1988 and was just a hoax to try and convince the audience this was based on a true story.

A cute little child with an imaginary friend is obviously one major way the producer planned to bring in an audience. Another would be the frightening “Bloody Mary” scene that wasn’t even shown in the movie.

This movie could have been way better when it comes to overall quality, while he first two box office thrillers in the series had excellent planning, filming, and acting, which Paranormal Activity 3 lacked. The first movie came out in 2007, the second in 2010, and now, Paranormal Activity 3 has been released in 2011. Maybe if they’d spent more time on this movie, it would have been as good as the first and second.

All in all, this is great movie if you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) that gets frightened easily by shoddy camera work and sudden scene cuts. Or you can just wait for it to be shown on the dollar screen.