Thumbs Up for Mac Miller

Teddi Cliett

Perfection has been playing through my speakers since November 8th thanks to Mac Miller’s newly released album, Blue Slide Park. Mac is sticking to his Pennsylvania roots; the whole album is homegrown. Each track gives more background on who Mac was and where he spent his time before he hit the spotlight.

Most fans recognize Mac by his hit singles “Donald Trump” or “Knock Knock”, but this native Pittsburg rapper has independently produced three mix tapes including Blue Slide Park.

Mac isn’t signed to any major label and it becomes obvious through his music. Most artists are asked to change or tweak their original sound for the label’s sake. Their originality becomes dead, and soon enough they sound like everyone else on the radio. Mac has kept his style since the beginning. “He’s kept his sound; he doesn’t conform to what all the other artists are doing. He’s not afraid to play around with different beats. He raps on top of music that other rappers stay away from” said Sophomore Maddie Cohen.

Blue Slide Park features a variety of what Mac does best; going where other artists don’t. For instance, the tack “Party onFifth Ave.” has a youthful liveliness to it, whereas “Under the Weather” (my personal favorite) reminds us all of Mac’s chill side.

Sophomore Avery Morris said, “He’s young, he’s fresh out of high school. Because he’s so young, it makes it easier to relate to his music.”

Blue Slide Park is now available on iTunes for $9.99. Help make history supporting an independent hip-hop artist by purchasing his album. Thumbs up for Blue Slide Park.