Top 5 Ways to Survive “Black Friday”

Devin White

With Thanksgiving only 2 days away, most families are thinking about the turkey and cranberry sauce they’re going to eat, while some others are waiting outside stores just for a good bargain.

“Black Friday” is known as the biggest and best shopping day of the year. With big deals happening, some being up to 75% off, families are preparing to get their Christmas shopping done nice and early. And when I say early I mean 12:00 a.m. early. Some places, such as the Houston Premium Outlet, will open Thanksgiving Day. So it looks like you should eat the big feast a little bit earlier than you planned to get an early start on these deals.

Although sitting at the front of the line outside Best Buy may get you into the store first, it’s not always the best thing to do. Here are 10 ways to make your “Black Friday” shopping experience better.


1.) Check out the stores websites on your list for the time they open, the sale happening on the item(s) your looking for, and where it is located in the store.
2.) Go to the store ahead of time and talk to the manager about any deals just that location might be offering. (You might want to see if he can put it in a hiding spot just for you)
3.) Bring multiple people along on your trip. Someone can wait in line while the other people shop, and switch off through out your excursion.
4.) Make sure your in line about an hour before the store opens and that you have done everything you need to before you enter the store (eat, drink, restroom, cash, etc.)
5.) Have fun, make your excursion a special one for this year.