New Form of Bullying Degrades Morals

Robert Carlile, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The small “nerd” being beaten by the big and popular “jock” is a picture painted by both TV and movies for bullying in today’s society. However, today the reality is verbal bullying. New forms of bullying spread rapidly with social media as its fuel. Students get bullied every day, not physically, but verbally. Aggressors use fake compliments and a sympathetic tone to “befriend” them. Then they post pictures, videos and hateful comments on social media outlets like twitter, snapchat and instagram. The act is seen everyday in the halls as well as in classrooms, degrading a student’s self esteem and confidence. Both students and teachers neglect to step up and stop the act taking place.

This new form of bullying needs to stop. With social media’s popularity growing each day, doing this not an easy task; which is why both students and teachers need to work together.
Just because a student may act, talk or dress differently than the majority, that doesn’t mean they should be isolated from other students. In no way should a person be bullied because they aren’t like everyone else. Being different once meant good things like creativity and ingenuity, but now it is seen as a bad thing. Because it is always being repelled, student’s creativity is disappearing because of the harassment from their peers.

Learning is a right everyone should have, but because of bullying, the environment is no longer safe. A school should protect the students and provide a secure area for them to reach higher levels of education, but when teachers neglect to stop the bullying when they see it, students are not being protected. Each day, victims are mentally overwhelmed by the comments that they hear. Students, regardless of their appearance, should have the right to learn in a safe and comfortable setting.

Bullying has horrific consequences that people often overlook. Students proceed to verbally abuse their peers, either to their face or behind their back over social media, even though they know the malicious consequences a victim might resort to. The repercussions from this horrible new form of bullying is potentially deadly and students and teachers both need to realize this outcome if nothing is done to stop the act.

As a community we all need to take part in stopping this awful trend to make it a safe place for students to come, instead of a place people dread coming to every morning. Students and teachers both need to realize that verbal abuse is just as dangerous as physical abuse, and with social media as its main filter, the potential for harm is higher than ever before. It is vital that both students and teachers work together to put an immediate halt to the cruel movement taking teenagers by storm.